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2809, 2022

#BoardDiversity Matters: Agents of Change – Judith Athaide

By |September 28th, 2022|Member Showcase|

Women Get On Board Inc. (WGOB) is a member-based company that connects, promotes and empowers women on corporate boards. This is the fourth WGOB member showcase on #BoardDiversityMatters - Agents of Change, our series that profiles our WGOB members who are taking exemplary actions to champion board diversity. Corporate director Judith Athaide still thinks about a girl scout activity from back when she was a child. It was a relatively simple game. Each girl was given a list of twenty survival items, and she was to select the ten that were most necessary to survive [...]


1206, 2024

Advisory Board Centre Releases State of the Market Report

By |June 12th, 2024|Publications|

Across all sectors, there has been a wave of adoption of advisory boards. Not only do advisory boards provide business leaders with support to navigate growth cycles and make sound decisions, but they help companies adapt to changing compliance requirements and stakeholder expectations.

Recognizing their value, organizations must consider how they can best implement and facilitate their advisory board to leverage it effectively. The Advisory Board Centre’s new State of the Market Report provides a deep dive into trends in the sector and highlights various applications across organizations.

Read it here: Advisory Board Centre State of the Market Report […]

605, 2024

Adapting to change: Audit committee talent matters more than ever

By |May 6th, 2024|Publications|

As boards adapt to change, audit committee talent matters more than ever, and audit committee talent sourcing and training will be instrumental in helping navigate ever-evolving oversight and responsibilities. Audit committees need expert members and ongoing training to think critically about emerging risks.

This article from our EMPOWER Partner KPMG explores how audit committees can rethink their approach to ensuring their members are prepared to tackle future risks and challenges. Their advice includes developing critical thinking around ESG, reassessing DEI risks, adding an equity lens, and considering new criteria when assessing candidates for management, boards and audit committees. They also explore the questions audit […]


I have greatly appreciated WGOB as I have transitioned my career to board work. WGOB continues to be a source of great information and provides a sense of community.

Anne-Marie Vanier, Board Director at Gore Mutual Insurance and LawPRO Independent Director and Consulting Actuary of AMVanier Consulting

As I continue to work with the organization (WGOB), I can share with you this is an amazing firm with specially skilled professionals who are devoted to its membership and ensuring that they provide the resources to help foster the excellence of board governance. Deborah, her team, and her panel of subject matter expert presenters take great responsibility in delivering content that is timely and relevant.

Bonnie Chwartacki, Corporate Board Director | Executive Leader

I have appreciated the ongoing support of Deborah since joining WGOB. The events/programs and networking opportunities offered are very beneficial.

Shari Mogk-Edwards, Founder, Shari’s Picks Consulting

This [shortlist report] is a first class package, process and outcome! The results exceeded expectations as we have sourced our last two board members, not to mention a roster of first class candidates, through WGOB — so thank you!

George Horhota, B.A., J.D.,ICD.D. , Co-Founder at The Brockton - Cowork Management Services

Terrific Women Get On Board workshop, with 20 executive leaders. Packed with practical, actionable insights. Networking off the charts! Session facilitated by Deborah Rosati FCPA, FCA, ICD.D & Kelly McDougald, Corporate Director in Residence. A good morning investment. Consider becoming a member if you are a Woman seeking BOD/BOG appointments.

Gail Johnson Morris, MBA, DBA, Board of Governors, Durham College

I am excited and honoured for my appointment to Chair of the Board for OPG. Although I possessed the requisite experience and skills for my board positions, WGOB facilitated the expansion of my network and broadened my opportunities.

Wendy Kei, CPA, CA, ICD.D, Chair of the Board for Ontario Power Generation Department of Audit Committee at Transport Canada - Transports Canada
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