Our Founding Corporate partner, Osler Hoskin & Harcourt LLP has released their ninth annual comprehensive report covers diversity disclosures by TSX-listed companies and CBCA corporations subject to disclosure requirements, analyzing year-over-year trends across various industries and spotlighting success stories, as well as areas of opportunity.

By some measures, diversity is improving within corporate Canada’s leadership. The proportion of women on Canadian boards and in executive officer positions continues to increase at an encouraging rate, with women now holding nearly 30% of all board seats at TSX-listed companies. Among 532 vacant or newly created board positions over the past year, a woman was chosen to fill it 45.3% of the time—a sign that Canadian companies are nearing the rate at which boards could, over time, achieve gender parity.

But progress rarely comes evenly. While more members of visible minorities are sitting on boards and in C-suites than ever before (10.2% of board seats among CBCA corporations, compared to 8.3% last year), representation of Indigenous peoples and persons with disabilities has seen virtually no progress.

Click here for the report: Osler 2023 Diversity Disclosure Practices Report