Sponsored by: Michael Lee-Chin Family
Institute for Corporate Citizenship-

By: Peter Dey and Sarah Kaplan

“The guidelines proposed in this document on “360° Governance” are aimed at giving clarity about how boards can effectively consider the interests of all stakeholders and the rights of Indigenous Peoples in their decision making. They reflect the current environment and a similar sense that, as in 1994, Canada must upgrade its governance standards or risk being left behind. The guidelines also reflect our understanding, from research and consultations, of the issues that boards are facing in the 21st century and the best practices for addressing them. Our exercise is very similar to the exercise which produced the Dey Report: identify current issues of governance; study how boards of directors respond to these issues; identify the best practices in responding; and organize the best practices into a series of guidelines available for boards to use.”

Read the full publication here: 360° Governance: Where are the Directors in a World in Crisis?