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How Women Can Improve Their Leadership Skills In Corporate Boardrooms

Our Founder + CEO Deborah Rosati shares insights on why she has made it her own social purpose in life to turn this situation around, in a recent episode of the Meeting Leadership Podcast with host Gordon Sheppard.

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2020 Executive Compensation Amid Market Uncertainty

Our Founding Corporate Partners at Global Governance Advisors share insights on Executive Compensation amid this global pandemic – as other market crises have shown corporate governance and executive retention are high on the list when navigating black-swan events. Blog written by our Regional Ambassador, Paul Gryglewicz


The madness of metrics: Performance reporting to the board

Amee Sandhu, WGOB Member and Founder and Principal Lawyer of Lex Integra Professional Corporation and Director at Family Day Care Services shares insights in recent ICD publication.

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Cyber Safety Culture: It’s Time For A Cyber Security Re-think

Co-Founder and COO of Smashblock and WGOB member, Janet Cloud, shares insights on cyber safety as a part of corporate culture.

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The Activist Insight Podcast: Beyond the Boardroom with Sandpiper Group’s Alyssa Barry

Sandpiper Group’s Alyssa Barry, Women Get On Board corporate member, joins Kieran Poole to tell us about its process for retaining independent board nominees.

Read the full interview here: Beyond the Boardroom with Sandpiper Group’s Alyssa Barry

FinanciElle “$tatements”

Paolina Calabro of FinanciElle “$tatements” sits down with our Founder and CEO, Deborah Rosati FCPA, FCA, ICD.D, to discuss business insights on financial intelligence.

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Why Women are Essential to the Boardroom, with Deborah Rosati

Our Founder & CEO, Deborah Rosati, was interviewed by Alexander Lowry of Boardroom Bound, to discuss her time serving on several well-known boards, what she learned during her own board journey and how Women Get On Board is her way of connecting, promoting and empowering women to corporate boards.

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Nose in, Fingers out: Insights from the Boardroom

Our Founder & CEO, Deborah Rosati, spoke with Luminari on their recent LumiQ podcast to discuss her time serving on several well-known boards going through times of massive change, and why she started her own social purpose company (Women Get On Board) to get more women in the boardroom.

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Harvard Business Review research on how board experience helps more women get CEO roles

Read the full article here: Research: Board Experience Is Helping More Women Get CEO Jobs

Our Founder & CEO, Deborah Rosati was interviewed by CBC on “How Canada stacks up on women’s representation on corporate boards”

Read the full interview here: How Canada stacks up on women’s representation on corporate boards

Our Founder & CEO, Deborah Rosati was interviewed by CBC on “Women hold less than 20% of positions on corporate boards, StatsCan finds”

Read the full interview here: Women hold less than 20% of positions on corporate boards, StatsCan finds

Mercer recently published their latest climate change scenario models over three timeframes

Read the full report here: Investing In A Time Of Climate Change — The Sequel

Our Founder & CEO, Deborah Rosati, was interviewed by Capital Magazine on getting companies on board with women board members

Read the full article here: Getting Women on the Board Means Getting Companies On Board

Our Founder & CEO, Deborah Rosati, was interviewed by MJBIZDaily on diversity in Canadian cannabis boardrooms

Read the full article here: There’s absolutely no reason why cannabis companies cannot have more diversity on their boards

WGOB Member Karen Somerville on the Role of the Board in Relation to Organizational Culture

Read the full blog here: Demystifying the Role of the Board in Relation to Organizational Culture

Our National Strategic Partner, Marsh Canada’s CEO Sarah Robson post on “Embracing Board Diversity: Go Beyond the Numbers

Read the full article here: Embracing Board Diversity: Go Beyond the Numbers

Our Founder & CEO, Deborah Rosati, was interviewed by Shari Mogk Edwards – on “Helping Women Get On Board with getting on boards”

Read the full interview here: Helping Women Get On Board with getting on Boards!

WGOB member Anita Anand on environmental and social governance – featured in The Globe and Mail

Read the full article here: Reputation, risk and the changing role of ESG in corporate governance

Peter Landers of Global Governance Advisors on Using a Skills Matrix to Improve Your Board Composition

Read the full blog here: Skills Matrix – An Essential Tool for Improving Your Board Composition

Our Regional Ambassador Council member – Dexter John was interviewed recently by Forbes Magazine on addressing boardroom diversity

Read the full blog here: Latest Trends in Addressing Boardroom Diversity

Linaeya Horn – Muller of Global Governance Advisors on How to Chair a Board Meeting

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Linaeya Horn – Muller of Global Governance Advisors on reasons to stop emailing your board documents

Read the full blog here: Three Reasons Why You Should Stop Emailing Your Board Documents

Our National Strategic Partner, KPMG LLP, was recently featured in Forbes

Read the full article here: Five Focus Areas For Audit Committee Members

Peter Landers of Global Governance Advisors on using board assessments as a powerful tool

Read the full blog here: The Power of Board Assessments

Deborah Rosati, our Founder & CEO, is interviewed in a new column with EY Canada; why having a sound governance structure and risk management program gives a competitive advantage in the Canadian cannabis industry

Read the full interview here: Let’s be blunt: Insights from Canada’s cannabis industry

Women Get On Board was proud to sponsor the GPC event on “Organizational culture and the role of the board”:

Read the full blog here: What is the role of the board in an organization’s culture?

Directors Must Understand The Value Of Cyber Insurance For Effective Cyber Risk Oversight

Cyber Risk Management: Response and Recovery, a new report from the Global Risk Center and WomenCorporateDirectors, positions cyber insurance within a comprehensive risk management framework; provides an overview of evolving coverage options; and identifies key questions for directors to explore with management to mitigate exposure and provide effective cyber risk management oversight.

Read the full report here: Cyber Risk Management: Response and Recovery

Deborah Rosati, our Founder & CEO co-authored the ICD Director Journal article “Ready and Waiting” with George Horhota, one of our Supporting Partners.

Read the full article here: Ready and Waiting

Why does gender diversity on boards matter? A blog prepared by Odgers Berndtson, covering Women Get On Board’s event hosted by Gowling WLG

Read the full blog here: Getting Everyone Onboard with Board Gender Diversity

KPMG Canada’s latest Audit Trends 2018 report:

Read the full article here: Audit Trends 2018 report

Drawing the line on diversity – our Founder & CEO was recently interviewed in the Listed Magazine article:

Read the full article here: Drawing the line on diversity

Blakes Interim Report 2017: Opportunities for Women General Counsel:

The updated study shows an increase in both the number of positions on boards of publicly listed companies and the number of GCs on those boards.

Read the full article here: New Study Shows Progress For GCs On Boards 

Osler report shows Canada’s publicly traded companies, including miners, making scant progress on appointing women to boards

Canada’s publicly traded companies are making little progress on appointing more women to their boards of directors and C-Suites and are declining to implement formal diversity targets, according to a new Osler, Hoskin and Harcourt LLP report.

Read the full article here: TSX companies lag on board diversity, will not adopt targets: report 

KPMG in Canada has identified five key trends that increase organizational risk for companies in which inclusive leadership is the exception rather than the rule:

Inclusion demands that we see beyond our differences to unlock the power of diversity and to drive innovation. Those who do will accelerate productivity, tap into new markets and create value for shareholders.

Read the full article here: Five Trends to Worry About If Your Firm Has Ignored Inclusive Leadership 

Osler, one of our Founding Corporate Partners, has just published their third Diversity Disclosure Practices for the 2017 proxy season. See details below.

As the corporate governance landscape in Canada continues to evolve and prioritize gender diversity, Osler has released its third annual 2017 Diversity Disclosure Practices Report [PDF] (the Diversity Disclosure Report) to provide an updated snapshot on the representation of women in leadership roles in corporate Canada.

Download the PDF here: 2017 Diversity Disclosure Practices Report [PDF]
Read the full article here: 2017 Diversity Disclosure Practices

Read about the role audit committees can fulfill in developing a robust process to effectively oversee KPIs presented in an issuer’s MD&A and earnings press releases

Audience includes: members of public company audit committees, management and external auditors.

CPA Canada’s recent publication-read here: Key performance indicators: A tool for audit committees

“How to Improve Your Board’s Gender Balance” by George Horhota, One of Our WGOB Supporting Partners

We all recognize that there is a serious gender imbalance on most corporate boards. Among the 677 issuers listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, 45 percent have failed to appoint any female directors. The simplistic prescription for managing this chronic condition? Mandatory thresholds favoured by policymakers, regulators and some corporate boards.

Read the full article here: How to Improve Your Board’s Gender Balance

Some great insights on what first time directors should consider when joining a board:

No matter how experienced they are as leaders or how much previous boardroom exposure they have had, most first-time directors will admit to having some trepidation before their first board meeting: What will the first board meeting be like?

Read the full article here: The Five Most Common New Director Questions 

Data Showcases Skills Composition of Board Directors

Equilar examined the skills and expertise of board members from the proxy statements of over 300 public companies in the United States and Canada in a recent report. The top skills identified were finance, legal and governance, and HR and talent development. Experience in the C-Suite, service on corporate boards and general leadership were also predominant.

Read the full article here: Hundreds of Companies Disclose Boards Skills Matrices 

Disrupt and Grow: Are Canadian CEOs Prepared for the Future?

KPMG’s new report helps organizations plan for the future, board members need the ability to look over the horizon and anticipate issues that may expose the company to risk. This makes it imperative to understand which risks are emerging at a global level.

Read the full article here: Canadian CEO Outlook 2017

Canadian Firms Leading the Way on Gender Diversity on Their Corporate Boards

Three years after regulators brought in new rules to boost gender balance on boards and in executive suites, corporate Canada still has a long way to go.

Read the full article here: Top Canadian firms on women’s leadership

Marsh’s 2017 Top 10 Current Business and Legal Trends Affecting Directors and Officers Liability In Canada

Read the full article here: Top 10 Current Business And Legal Trends

Harvard Business School on “Charting a Path to the Boardroom”

Board positions are highly sought-after roles. How does one get there?

Board directorships provide an intellectual challenge for directors and an opportunity to not only share expertise but to also gain new insights. For many high-potential executives, a board directorship marks the next frontier of career advancement and opens doors to new, valuable networks.

Read the full article here: Charting a Path to the Boardroom

KMPG’s Board Leadership Report on The 8 Priorities Boards Should Focus on in 2017

On the 2017 Board Agenda

In 2017, corporate performance will still require the essentials—managing key risks, innovating and capitalizing on new opportunities, and executing on strategy. But the context is changing quickly—and perhaps profoundly—as advances in technology, business model disruption, heightened expectations of investors and other stakeholders, and global volatility and political shifts challenge companies and their boards to rethink strategy development and execution, and what it means to be a corporate leader.

Read the full report here: KPMG’s Board Leadership Report

KPMG’s 2017 Global Audit Committee Pulse Survey

Audit committee challenges and priorities.

To better understand the key challenges and concerns facing audit committees, boards, and their companies, KPMG’s Audit Committee Institute surveyed more than 800 audit committee members in 42 countries.

Read the full report here: KPMG 2017 Audit Committee Survey

“The Top 20 Board Skills in the S&P 500” by Equilar Board Intelligence

Are you qualified to be these companies’ next board member?

As shareholders become more interested in the composition of their portfolio companies’ boards of directors, issuers are increasingly disclosing explicit information in their proxy statements about director skill sets.

Read the full article here: The Top 20 Board Skills in the S&P 500

Osler and ICD’s Board Diversity Template

The Institute of Corporate Directors and Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP have created a complimentary Board Diversity Policy.

The template is designed to help companies meet gender diversity disclosure requirements and to provide a tool for boards to begin or further their process of diversification.

Access the template here: Board Diversity Policy

2016 Osler Report on Gender Diversity in TSX Companies

Diversity Disclosure Practices 2016: Women in leadership roles at TSX-listed companies

Improving gender diversity in corporate leadership roles continues to be a key focus of legislators, regulators and the media in many parts of the world as well as in Canada. How do TSX companies stack up? A team of lawyers from Osler’s Corporate Group answers this question and finds little progress has been made in improving the representation of women in leadership positions compared to last year.

Read the full report here: 2016 Osler Report

KPMG Audit Trends 2016

KPMG’s current Audit Trends Report focuses on the role of audit committees in overseeing risk in times of unprecedented global change and disruption.

From transformative technology to complex regulation to unprecedented geopolitical risk, an increasing tide of disruptive trends are demanding substantive change to the global role of audit committees.

Read the full report here: KPMG Audit Trends

Catalyst Recommends Bold “Women on Boards” Targets for Ontario Government

Beyond “Comply or Explain”: New Catalyst Report for Ontario Government Makes Bold Recommendations to Advance Women on Boards

Catalyst Recommends 30% Targets, Use of Board Renewal Mechanisms and Written Policies for TSX-Listed Issuers : Ontario Government Accepts All Recommendations, Commits to Track and Publish Progress

Read the full report here: Catalyst Report 

Osler’s OSC Research Paper

Women in Leadership Roles at TSX-Listed Companies: Diversity Disclosure Practices

Effective December 31, 2014, Canadian issuers in participating provinces, with the exception of TSX Venture Exchange issuers and investment funds, became subject to new disclosure requirements with respect to the representation of women on boards and in senior management positions. The overall picture is disappointing.

Read the full study here: Osler Research Paper  

KPMG Women’s Leadership Study

According to the KPMG Women’s Leadership Study the two elements that affect women’s ability to lead are confidence and connections. At Women Get On Board our mandate is to connect and promote women to corporate boards by empowering them with tools to enhance their confidence and courage to lead and serve on boards.

A majority of women aspire to hold top leadership and board roles, but often find it difficult to see themselves as leaders, according to the KPMG Women’s Leadership Study released today. The survey, which polled more than 3,000 professional and college women in the United States, identified confidence building and leadership training, along with the ability to network with women leaders, as key elements to expanding women’s leadership in the years ahead…

Read the full study here: KPMG Study 

Ernst and Young’s report discusses the leading practices in gender diversity disclosure:

While the new rules leave it to issuers to decide which corporate governance policies and practices relating to gender diversity are appropriate for their particular circumstances, it is clear that regulators in Canada and around the world are concerned by the under representation of women on the boards of publicly traded companies.

For most jurisdictions in Canada, the rules came into force on 31 December 2014. Nevertheless, certain organizations have already made the decision to include most of the new disclosure requirements in their existing public filings.

Read the full report here: Ernst and Young: Women on boards and in senior management

Interesting data to support more women on boards help make better business decisions:

Academics at the University of British Columbia and the University of Utah joined forces to investigate the effect female board members have on organizations seeking out advice when it comes to crucial business decisions.

Read they full story here: HRM Online